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Bloom Higher Menu of Services

Begin to Bloom

60 Minutes  - $250 

Follow Up - $75

Uzma will share new concepts for improved mental health and unique pathways to physical wellness.  She will review your medical history, current symptoms, lifestyle & current medications to design a treatment plan to help you reach your health goals and be the best version of yourself.  Uzma will help you release the emotional burdens that are the root cause of physical and mental maladies.  She will identify what is blocking you from self-love and conscious presence.  A personalized treatment plan using plant medicine and flower essences will be implemented to help you reconnect with your inner power.  A 30 minute follow-up will be scheduled with Uzma to allow for any tweaks to the suggested regimen and include 4 weeks unlimited questions/answers via email or text.


Bloom Flawless

30 Minutes - $150

Peak Performance.  Are you in good health and great shape and looking to preserve the symmetry you've worked hard to achieve?  Chat with Uzma for optimal dosing and best use practices to keep glowing and growing strong.


Keep Blooming

30 Minutes - $100 - For current patients only

Keep in touch!  Healing is a spiral, not a straight line.  Uzma is here to help you manage flares, new symptoms and triggers.  Build on your support tools and renew your practices to ensure sustained relief.


Bloom Ascend - Elevated Wellness Session

90 Minutes - $350 (Group rates available upon request)

Breathe.  Uzma will help you come to a point of stillness and elevated consciousness and guide you through your healing journey.  Working together to release fears, insecurities, pain and trauma, this experience will help you hold onto your sacred space and inner strength amidst stress and illness.  Discover your unique power to respond to life with intention and meaning.


Bloom Anew

Can*abis use Disorder in Teens, Adolescents & Adults

60 Minutes - $250

30 Minute Follow-Up - $75

Do not panic!  Uzma understands can*abis culture and will make a genuine connection with you or your loved one and provide practical alternatives to achieve success.  She will focus on the driving force behind you or your loved ones usage.  Uzma has years of experience helping people modify and/or discontinue can*abis safely while treating the physical and mental symptoms that initiated can*abis usage in the first place.  A 30 minute follow-up will be scheduled with Uzma during your Bloom Anew consult and allows for any tweaks to the suggested regimen.


Bloom Gifted

60 Minutes - $250

30 Minute Follow-Up - $75

Uzma will guide the use of plant medicine for the magical individual in your life.  From easing aggression to agitation, reducing injurious behaviors, improving sleep and safely discontinuing medications laden with side effects, Uzma will be committed to your family's success.  Session includes recommendations for caregivers if appropriate.  A 30 minute follow-up will be scheduled with Uzma during your Bloom Gifted consult and allows for any tweaks to the suggested regimen and includes 4 weeks unlimited question/answer via email or text.


Bloom Forward

15 Minutes - $25

Not sure what's best for you?  Tired of wasting money on products that don't relieve your symptoms?  Chat with Uzma on the phone for help placing your order and guidance on how to choose appropriate products for you.


Medicated Meditation Sessions

40 Minutes (series of 6 sessions - one each month) - $75

Guided medicated meditation series, includes product recommendations and supportive space to explore your journey with plant medicine.

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